Shut-off equipment


Riawatech delivers cut-off fittings and flow control fittings for liquid media used in municipal and industrial waste water systems, industrial water systems, agriculture, fish farming.

  • Made from environment-friendly PEHD
  • Pumping stations with dry pumps on special order
  • Knife gate valves installed on the outside resulting in smaller pumping station dimension
  • Fans installed in manure transport pumping stations

RIA Separators

Riawatech is your know-how expert adviser and specialized manufacturer of industrial fittings for flow control and cut-off for liquid media, and for all types of dry pumping stations, separators, tanks, containers.

We manufacture products for liquid media (waste water, waste sludge), industrial water, fish transport systems, closed manure transport systems. Riawatech solutions are applied for gaseous C02 transport in green houses, for ventilation and drying systems in grain silos and storages.

Our program includes liquid media separators for filling stations, car wash facilities, harbour basins, industrial systems.

  • Made from environment-friendly PEHD,
  • Standard products and custom designs
  • Heavy-duty lid on order.

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