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Know how - Innovation - quality - functionality

- a strong RIA brand

Riawatech is the leader for advice and manufacture of industrial fittings applied for media flow control in water supply waste water systems, agriculture, fish farming, and industrial systems.

Experience gained designing liquid media regulation and cut-off systems as well as the increasing society awareness for environmental protection, in particular water protection, provided us with chances for growth and specialisation. Since 1987, we have been active manufacturing fittings for environmental protection systems, hydrotechnical structures, agriculture, fish farming, industrial systems, as well as petroleum mining and processing industry. We sell our fittings nearly all over the world.

Our mission is providing customers and partners with products to meet even the most special requirements. Due to the know-how of our experts in hydro-technical processes, industrial processes, mechanics and design, Riawatech manufactures products of highest-quality regarding the design, manufacture, and material terms using environment-friendly materials and technologies.

Knowledge development, adoption of up-to-date technology solutions, application of high-tech production methods, and a strict quality control are the guarantees of keeping the high standard of Riawatech products and their functionality as well as long-term use.

Riawatech program includes products, which are of high-quality, user-safe, functional, and designed to operate for many years.


Riawatech design and manufactures regulation and cut-off fittings for water supply and waste water systems, waste water treatment plants, hydrotechnical structures, road dewatering, melioration, and petrochemical industry.

Our manufacturing program includes: knife valves, penstocks, non-return valves, storm flaps, pumping stations, separators.

Another fitting family includes products for agriculture and large-scale fish farming (e.g. salmon). We manufacture both standard products and custom products suited to operating conditions as required by customers.

Representative offices and sales offices

Riawatech disposes of a wide network of representative offices, representative companies, agents, and sales outlets in numerous countries. Our presence in many markets is the guarantee that we know local regulations and conditions, that customers can reach us immediately, and that we will advice you reliably on the selection of suitable products.